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Vietnam visa - vietnam visa online - vietnam visa fee
Dec 03 2017

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Sep 12 2011

First time users’ concerns of Vietnam Visa on arrival service

first time users%e2%80%99 concerns of vietnam visa on arrival service

Many people feel confused about procedures, Prices and Fees, Vietnam Visa approval letter, Validity, Scams, etc. We are writing this article in the hope of helping travelers all around the world coming to Vietnam not to be concerned about Visa on arrival in Vietnam any more.

1. Who can apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival?

a. Those traveling by air to Vietnam

b. Anyone

c. Visa on arrival does not exit in Vietnam

d. Those transiting in Vietnam

e. Those traveling overland to Vietnam

The answer: a. Those traveling by air to Vietnam

2. When I apply for VOA to Vietnam, besides traveling by air to Vietnam, do I need any other requirements?

Yes, you have. You need to have at least 6 months valid and left pages (more than 1) on your passport.

Also, check whether you need a Vietnam visa or not as some nationalities can be exempted visa for a short time

3. Is there any risk of getting visa on arrival to Vietnam? Is Vietnam visa approval letter valid?

You can check on National Ordinance No. 24/2000/PL-UBTVQH10 related to entry, exit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam to see:

Who is responsible for what in term of Vietnam visa issuance: Vietnam Immigration Department (belongs to the Ministry of Public Security)

And who and how and how long can get a visa to entry Vietnam

Of the 26 articles, the following ones might help you – potential Vietnam visa applicants know why a travel agency can assist you to get Vietnam visa approval letter.

4. Now, let’s see what Vietnam Visa approval letter is

It is an official document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department for the purpose of permitting the document holders to enter Vietnam, get the visa stamped onto your passport at Vietnam International Airports, and stay in Vietnam within the entry and exit date cited on it.

5. How about fees and Charges of VOA?

Some often misunderstand about fees of Vietnam visa on arrival or some thinks they are double-charged when using this service. Clarify it as bellows:

To get Vietnam visa on arrival, you need to pay two types of fees:

Service fee: You pay travel agents online

Stamping fee: It is the fee you pay to Immigration Officers at Vietnam airports to get your visa stamped on your passport. 25 USD for single entry and 50 USD for multiple entry visas. The travel agents make no deal with this fee.

6. How do I fill out entry and exit dates in the Visa application when I do not make sure exactly about these dates?

If you are not sure about your arrival date and exit date, you can note your proposed arrival and exit date. You can stay in Vietnam within your visa duration (for three month visa, you can stay in Vietnam for 90 days). Also you do not forget, you are not allowed to enter Vietnam before your arrival date noted in your visa.

7. One notable thing for first time user of VOA is that you should have visa approval letter before you get on flight as your airlines will check it in check-in procedures as a compulsory document. Some have been refused to get on board for not having the letter.

Sep 12 2011

5 common mistakes with Vietnam visa on arrival

5 common mistakes with vietnam visa on arrival

We have listed here a few mistakes that travelers may usually make in order to help you avoid the same things when applying for a visa on arrival to Vietnam.
1 – Getting  right at the arrival airport in Vietnam: Many people think that they can get a visa directly at Vietnam airport without applying online. That is NOT true, you may end up with delaying/canceling your flights or waiting at the airport until the visa is approved or even if you can get board, you can be expelled. Thus, you need to apply for visa on arrival online prior to your trip in order to pick up your visa at the arrival airport in Vietnam.
2 – Visa on arrival at the border: Visa on arrival works for air travel only, it means there is NO on arrival visa for overland/border crossing or sea/water entry. Therefore, in case you DO NOT enter Vietnam by air, we highly recommend you to apply for visa at Vietnam Embassies/Consulates where you are living or staying in advance.
3 – Spelling/Typo mistakes: Many applicants fill in the Application form with WRONG details: full name on passport, passport number or date of birth, passport expiration date. Normally, that may not be a big problem, however, in some cases; they will be refused by airlines at the departure airport since the information on your visa approval letter does not match those in your passport. So, make sure you submit everything correctly and carefully.
4 – Visa validity: Many think that the visa validity will start from the date they enter Vietnam, not from the date they submitted, however, it is not. The visa validity will commence from the date of entry printed in your visa approval letter, not from the date you will enter the country. Thus, please make sure that you make a clear plan of when to enter before ordering a visa to Vietnam.
5 – Visa extensions: many people think that it is easy to extend a visa once they are in Vietnam, however, in fact, it is not that easy, and extending a visa may be a costly and time consuming process. So, if possible, just apply for a 3 month visa in advance instead of a 1 month one to save money on visa extension.

Mar 16 2011

Vietnam visa from UK (United Kingdom)

vietnam visa from uk united kingdom

From the UK, travelers may have a few options to apply for a visa to Vietnam, here below is detailed guide:

Visa on arrival – Visa at embassy comparison chart


1. Getting visa to Vietnam through Vietnamese consulate

12-14 Victoria Road,
London W8 5RD
Tel: 0207 937 1912
Fax: 0207 937 6108 or 0207 565 3853

Direction to the Embassy: The Embassy is located on Victoria Road, opposite to Kensington Garden (Hyde Park). Nearest tube station is High Street Kensington which is about five minutes walking from the Embassy. Exit the tube station, turn right, go straight for apprroximately 300 metres before you will see Victoria Road on the right side.

Visa fees and charges:

A standard 30-day, single entry visa and processing fee cost £38. The postage administration charge is £8 for return by Special Delivery. Postage charge for two or three application together is £6 per person, for four to seven is £5 per person. For eight applications up being made together, the charge is £4 per person.

A 30-day, single entry visa in the fast-track service costs £55 if collected in person and £63 if returnt by post, inclusive of Special Delivery. You can send your application by fax two working days in advance and have your visa stamped upon submitting your original passport and visa fee payment (Please note that this fax option is allowed only in the fast-track service).

Alternatively, you can apply for a short-stay visa which is valid for 15 days, single entry. The visa will be granted within one hour if you come in person. The fee is £55.

Fees and charges are per individual and applicable to both UK and Ireland and to all applicants who possess valid and separate passports. All payments for fees and charges can be combined into one single form (in cash, postal order or bank draft). Pre-paid envelopes are not accepted.

Please note if your children are also on your passports, they will be exempted. Otherwise, they will need separate visas and will be charged as such. You do not need, however, to file separate application forms for them.

Tips by DirtyQuilmes / Thorn Tree Forum – Lonely Planet

2. Getting a visa on arrival

You can also apply for a visa on arrival as it seems the cheapest and easiest way to get a visa to Vietnam from United Kingdom. The total cost is from 35 – 50 USD/person. Click here to see how it works.

Feb 18 2011

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Vietnam visa - vietnam visa online - vietnam visa fee

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Vietnam visa - vietnam visa online - vietnam visa fee