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Vietnam visa - vietnam visa online - vietnam visa fee
Mar 24 2011

Work permit for foreign laborers working in Vietnam

work permit for foreign laborers working in vietnam

Work permit for foreign laborers working in Vietnam

Who should apply?

All enterprises and organizations recruiting foreign laborers to work in Vietnam, except:

  • Foreign laborers entering Vietnam to work for a period of less than  03 (three) months; and those entering Vietnam to resolve and emergency situation such as a breakdown or a technically or technologically complex situation which suddenly arises and which affects, or has the risk of affecting production or business and which Vietnamese experts and foreign experts in Vietnam are not able to resolve
  • Foreigners who are members of the Board of Management or member’s council (in the case of a limited liability company) established under Vietnamese laws with legal status
  • Foreigners who are head of representative offices or branches in Vietnam
  • Foreign lawyers to whom Ministry of Justice has issued a certificate to practice in accordance with laws

Where to apply?

Department of Labor, War Invalid and Social Affair in the locality where enterprises locate their headquarters

Validity of the License and application fee


  • Fees on granting a working license: 400.000 VND/permit
  • Fees on re-granting a working license: 300.000 VND/permit
  • Fees on extension of a working license: 200.000 VND/permit


  • Same duration as the duration of the labor contract or as set out in the decision of the foreign party on appointment, but shall not exceed 36 months.

Application conditions and documents

Eligibility of Applicants

  1. Being 18 years of age or older
  2. Being physically fit to the work requirements
  3. Must have highly technical skills or highly professional qualifications (including: engineers and persons of a standards similar to or higher than engineers; traditional trade artisans) and be very experienced and be senior professionally in the direction of production or business operation or in management work which Vietnamese employees are not yet able to perform.
  4. Have no previous conviction or criminal record and must not currently be subject to criminal prosecution or any criminal sentence in accordance with Vietnamese and foreign laws
  5. Foreign employees engaged in private medical or pharmaceutical practices or directly carrying out disease examination and treatment in Vietnam must satisfy all conditions stipulated by the Vietnamese laws in relation to private medical or pharmaceutical practice.

Application dossiers, which should be prepared in 2 copies, shall consist of the following:

  1. Application for issuance of work permit of the labor users;
  2. Application for working in Vietnam;
  3. Form of criminal record issued by the competent authority from the foreign countries they lived In case where the foreigners have resided in Vietnam for over six months, they should also submit the Form of criminal record issued by the Department of Justice in the locality where they are living.
  4. CV of the foreign laborer’s resume, made according to a form set by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, including an attached photograph of the foreigner.
  5. Medical certificate issued at some appointed hospital in Vietnam ( which depends on each locality)
  6. Legal copies of certificates on professional skills such as: bachelor, master, doctor and certificates on qualifications granted under the existing law of the foreign countries. If foreigners are craftsmen of traditional crafts or are persons having experience, but no formal certificates, shall provide written documents provided by competent authorities of their country attesting to their qualifications and experience.
  7. 3 (three) color photos (size 3cm x 4 cm) with bare head, taken frontally, showing clearly the face and 2 ears and no glasses

Take notice: All of documents at No. 3 and No. 6 have to be verified at employee’s Embassy in Vietnam first, then translated to Vietnamese and notified one more time at the local People Council before handing over to Department of Labor, War Invalid and Social Affair in the locality where enterprises locate their headquarters

The process

  1. Labor users take responsibility of making preparation for a dossier under provisions of laws and submit to Department of Labor, War Invalid and Social Affair.
  2. Within 15 working days as from the date of receipt of a valid dossier, the competent authority shall grant the work permit.

How long it will take to process the application?

15 working days

Inspecting authorities

Department of Labor, War Invalid and Social Affair in centrally run cities and provinces.

Non-compliance penalty

  • A fine between 5.000.000 VND to 10.000.000 VND is applied to employers using foreign laborers who have no work permit.
  • Sanction of expelling foreign laborers is applied when foreigners working in Vietnam for over 3 months have no work permit or use the invalid work permits as stipulated in Clause 1, Article 133 of supplemented and amended Labor Code

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Mar 24 2011

Vietnam’s best beaches according to

vietnam%e2%80%99s best beaches according to lonelyplanetcom

Vietnam’s best beaches according to

View gallery

View along the tranquil and idyllic beach at Nha Trang.

  • Kraig Lieb
  • Lonely Planet Photographer

Vietnam might have been late to Southeast Asia’s beach party, but it was worth the wait. The country boasts more than 3400km of coastline, with infinite stretches of powdery sand, hidden coves, lovely lagoons, impossible boulder formations and tropical islands ringed with yet more beaches. Help! Too many choices!

Nha Trang

The heavyweight champion of Vietnam, Nha Trang has been knocking out visitors for years. True, the town is brazen and brash, but the beach is bold and beautiful and a gateway to a cluster of quieter islands.

Mui Ne

Set on a seductive swathe of sand, Mui Ne is an absolute charmer with swaying palms and towering dunes. Get pummelled on the beach by a masseur or pummelled by the waves with some water sports – this place blends action and inertia to perfection.

Phu Quoc

Simply the most beautiful island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc is liberally sprinkled with picture-perfect white-sand beaches and cloaked in dense, impenetrable jungle. Long Beach is sophisticated, Ong Lan Beach romantic, and Bai Sao simply irresistible.

My Khe Beach- Da Nang

OK, so we are using artistic licence with the name, but whether you call it My Khe to the north or Cua Dai to the south, it’s all just one long, luscious stretch of sand. Try surfing off the shores of Danang or just pamper yourself at the resorts near Hoi An.

Con Dao

The Con Dao Islands have been protected from over-exposure by their isolated location off the coast. Enjoy it while it lasts, with their smattering of resorts and an overdose of idyllic beaches, as this is sure to be the next big thing in Vietnamese beaches.

Doc Let

While the rest of the world is sunning itself in Nha Trang, slip up the coast to this little teaser, home to some atmospheric resorts and some squeaky white sand; a place to get away from it all.

Ho Coc

Vung Tau to Phan Thiet is almost one long beach, but much of it remains mercifully inaccessible to the masses. Sample its potential with a retreat to Ho Coc, a glorious sandbar about midway along this stretch.

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