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Vietnam visa - vietnam visa online - vietnam visa fee
Oct 05 2011

Tam Giang Lagoon is a different side to Hue

tam giang lagoon is a different side to hue

Sunset over Tam Giang Lagoon in Thua-Thien Hue ProvinceIf Hue looks ancient and bashful like a charming and graceful girl, Tam Giang Lagoon, about 15 kilometres from Hue City, is endowed with pristine and handsome features like a would-be suitor.

With 22,000 hectares of water surface, Tam Giang Lagoon is the dating place of three big rivers, O Lau, Huong and Bo, before they run into the sea through the Thuan An estuary. To get to the lagoon, travellers can take a 30 minute ride along O Lau River then pass through Bao Vinh ancient town and finally to Vinh Tu wharf.

From there, travellers can depart on a fishing boat with locals to explore the mystery of the lagoon.

The most beautiful moments on the lagoon are at sunset when it turns purple. A few fishing boats return home late with lines of casuarinas running with the skyline separating the water from the sky, with the whole lagoon’s surface shaking in the breeze. These are images that visitors have to capture.

Tam Giang locals survive due to catching fish and shrimp. Men go fishing offshore. Before the sun breaks over the eastern horizon they get up to collect fish and shrimp from traps. And at dusk, they reset traps and nets. Meanwhile, women toil to catch oysters and clam as they have to soak their body in water for some hours to finish their work.

Under the final rays of sunshine, some kids in old costumes frolic in the shallow water as others tie their father’s boat and go for a swim.

Endowed by nature, Tam Giang is spoiled with its biodiversity and rare and valuable marine products. Every day, large volumes of fish caught at the lagoon are then sold in local markets or to wholesale traders. Some locals keep some of the goods to make fish sauce.

The lagoon is also home to a number of birds’ species and a variety of fauna and flora species.

The lagoon is also like a giant air-conditioning area, contributing to present storms in Hue City. People call Tam Giang-Cau Hai an unopened treasure.

Coming to the lagoon, tourists never leave without sampling fresh seafood in cottages along the lagoon such as fish, squid, clam, crab or shrimp.

Source: SGT

Sep 18 2011

Why travel to Vietnam?

why travel to vietnam

Vietnam has exerted itself to be a favorite destination of more and more tourists. There’s a Hanoi elegant with friendly people, a Sapa with colourful-dressed minorities, a Halong Bay with amazing caves listed on UNESCO World Heritage. There’s a Hue romantic with palace and rain, a tranquil Hoi An where you can have clothes made in one day, a Danang dynamic by Han river. There’s a Nha Trang with best bays of the world, a Saigon busy and modern like Newyork, a Mekong-delta with fascinating floating market. The North, Centre, and South of Vietnam all bear a deep cultural trace, which remains in tourists’ memories for years. With everything from mountains to seas, from cold to hot weather, from city to countryside, Vietnam has everything you may come up with!

When to Go?

Vietnam has three different regions – the North, Central and South – each with different weather patterns and different rainy seasons.  This means that there is neither a best time nor a bad time to travel to Vietnam. Hot summer or cold weather is not that big a deal. Beaches are always available from North to South. Sapa and Ba Na and Dalat all offer great places for cool temperature. You know you can find your favourite kind of weather all year round!

Sep 11 2011

Lang Co Festival expects to attract investment

lang co festival expects to attract investment

Lang Co Festival 2011 – the World Beautiful Bay will be held in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue on July 9-10 to promote tourism and encourage investment in the Lang Co-Chan May economic zone.

This year’s festival aims to evaluate to what extent the Bay can contribute to promoting tourism development two years after it was recognised by Worldbays Club as one of the “World’s Most Beautiful Bays”.

Lying between Da Nang and Hue cities, Lang Co Bay, Hai Van pass, Bach Ma Natural Reserve and an ancient fishing village in this area present a wonderful view of people living in harmony with nature.

Lang Co Bay has a 13-km long beach with white sand and blue water. It has Lap An lagoon, a brackish water lagoon extended to 1,500 ha with rich natural resources.

The Bay adjacent to Hai Van Pass lies in the central area, where visitors can reach four world cultural heritages in Vietnam , namely Hue relics, royal court music, Hoi An ancient town and My Son relics, within a radius of 70 km.

It is also included in many travel tours and is the nucleus of four national tourism complexes as well as one of the three main points of Thua Thien-Hue Province ’s tourism.

Listed in a group of important natural resources, Lang Co Bay plays a decisive role in the development of the province’s tourism.

Source: VOVnews

Vietnam visa - vietnam visa online - vietnam visa fee

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Vietnam visa - vietnam visa online - vietnam visa fee